Zen and the Art of Project Management

Zen and the Art of Project Management

Stephen Thomas - Senior Digital Project Manager and Director of Operations, Dubaussi Ltd

All project management is suffering. This is caused by the necessity of projecting a potential future and then being continually challenged as reality fails to live up to expectations.

This talk focuses on the very real problems of project management, why elements like client expectations, imposter syndrome and budget forecasting lead to this being one of the more stressful careers you can choose and looks and the reasons for ‘suffering’ and the inherent contradictions in the job.

The resultant stress is an almost automatic output and the talk delves into the key signs and symptoms of stress, how to notice it in your team and your responsibility as a project manager to look after the wellbeing of your team without taking on their own stress in addition to yours.

Finally, the talk focuses on the positive ways we can change our outlooks, attitudes and cultures within the industry to overcome the inherent suffering. It will give an honest assessment of what you can change as a project manager and what you need to learn to accept. Real life examples and audience interaction aim to make this talk a thoughtful and inspiring experience.

About Stephen

I’m an experienced digital consultant and certified scrum professional. I’ve worked in digital for well over a decade in the following roles: Digital publisher for online educational multimedia, Freelance Project Manager, Scrum Master in Agile organisation working with startups, Senior Project Manager in Global organisation working with Enterprise level clients, Delivery Team Leader, Engagement Manager and Consultant and Strategist.

I’ve also been responsible for a number of community events and such as The Big Do.

I’ve spoken at a number of national and international conferences such as The DPM Summit, Deliver Sessions, Digital Summit Stockholm and Ground Control ….and yet I still don’t know if it should be program or programme.