I got 99 problems

I got 99 problems

Peta Kennett-Wilson, Founder of Digital Rev

There’s one thing that we’re never short of as delivery leads, and that’s problems. We have spent copious time troubleshooting our projects and it’s easy to get stuck in our ways with how we look at and try to resolve challenges. Sometimes we can be better problem-spotters than solution-creators.

In this workshop, we’ll look at tools and techniques you can use to generate lots of well-rounded ideas, pushing your boundaries to create innovative solutions. You’ll appreciate why being a problem spotter isn’t enough, and you’ll flex your leadership skills by staying positive when confronted with a challenge.

I Got 99 Problems is an interactive three-hour workshop which will give you tools you can use on your return to work. It’s aimed at digital delivery leads working at any type of organisation.


Peta is the founder of Digital Rev, a UK based digital project management consultancy and training firm. She specialises in soft skills training which transforms project managers into project leaders.

Peta has delivered project leadership training to digital project managers and delivery leads from around the world. She’s also spent years working in some of London’s best digital agencies and in-house to deliver complex, large scale projects. Peta believes in running projects to be commercially successful, build collaborative teams, and of course create digital magic which delights end-users.