Anything But Fluffy…

Anything But Fluffy…

Natasha Sayce-Zelem - Head of Technology, Sky

We as an industry focus a lot on hiring for ‘hard skills’ i.e. the technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why.

We, however, neglect a keen focus on the soft skills which is an unfortunate label because these skills are anything but fluffy.

With hard skills, once you’ve learned them, you’re responsible for strengthening and maintaining them over time. Soft skills, on the other hand, may not change radically due to technological advances, but they arguably take much longer to refine and develop, especially as your career evolves and you find yourself in new situations, with new people and new business demands.

With the skills shortages that we face as an industry, we need to have more of a diversity pivot to the potential that candidates with great soft skills offer, whilst also looking at the benefits that a non-linear background also brings to a team.

I’m also going to discuss my take on personal development – Rather than just focusing on objectives in work, I’ve gained a huge amount by creating things outside of work that takes me well and truly out of my comfort zone and also hopefully does good. Let me hopefully inspire you to do the same?

About Natasha

Natasha is currently Head of Technology at Sky where she’s a part of the Leadership team that led on the creation and expansion of Sky’s new Digital Hub in Leeds. She is also the founder of Empowering Women with Tech, whose aim is to educate, elevate and empower people working in Digital, Technology & Science, and to create a support network for women wanting to sidestep into the industry.

Prior to this, Natasha has also worked in senior programme management, product and digital project management positions at companies such as BBC, Numiko, The JDA Group and Yorkshire Forward.