Using your EQ to Deliver

Using your EQ to Deliver

Laura Lancaster - Senior Delivery Manager, Manchester Airport Online

Working within the technology sector always means being surrounded by lots of incredibly intelligent people with high IQ’s, an abundance of new ideas and exciting new technologies.  In the highly collaborative workplaces that we are now working in is this all you need to successfully lead your team to deliver with excellence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is something that until a few years ago I wasn’t even aware of but soon found once reading up on it that my EQ had already played a big part in what I’d achieved to date and there was a lot to learn in EQ that would aid my progression and success.

I don’t profess to be an expert, but after many years working in tech, I wanted to share my experiences so far of EQ and how I’ve used it to get the job done and progress in my career.  The take away from this is a bit of self-reflection on your own emotional intelligence and maybe enough of an insight to be able to go away and find out more about this to help your own career.

About Laura

I’ve worked in tech now for 20 years, started out as a computer programmer way back when!

I quickly progressed from developer to dev team manager and ran my first team at 24. I moved from the development team manager to work in projects/delivery and I now work in @ MAG-O (Manchester Airport Online) as the Senior Delivery Manager for a company that is growing by the day. It’s exciting, it’s fast paced and I love every minute of it.

On a personal note, I’m a busy mum of 2 working full time and juggling all the things! I’m by no means perfect, my kids have on occasion been “those children” that turn up to school in their uniform on own clothes day! But on the whole, I’m keeping it together and being the best employee/mum I can. I love fitness, boxing/circuit training/cross fit anything challenges me. I’m putting myself out of my comfort zone volunteering to speak, I’ve spoken at Salford Uni and regularly at work but nothing of this scale before!