Adapting Agile and Applying the Product Mindset for Better Projects

Adapting Agile and Applying the Product Mindset for Better Projects

Suze Haworth - Freelance Digital Programme Director

As good delivery leads, we need to deliver on time, on budget and to scope, right?! This is seen as the holy trinity of project management, but organisations and people can often become so focused on these that the end product at the heart of it is often pushed to second place.

Some think that the magic solution is ‘Agile’: everybody talks about working more Agile, ‘being’ more Agile, or implementing Scrum, often with the thought that this will automatically make projects better, faster and cheaper. However, Agile frameworks are often difficult to fully embed within your teams, from an organisational, client and project perspective.

In this workshop, we’ll take a look at the problems with the project-centric approach, and review the core principles and product mindset that should be at the centre of your processes. We’ll look at ways you can implement product discovery techniques to help you deliver a product more aligned with business and user needs, and work through how you can integrate and blend different methods to really help your projects succeed—without having to follow one strict framework!

In this session, you’ll:

  • Understand why the nature of projects can help lead them to failure
  • Learn what the core principles of building a good product are
  • Work through product discovery principles and look at how you can start applying these to your projects
  • Create an actionable plan to take back to your organisation

About Suze

Suze Haworth is a Freelance Digital Programme Director in London. She has 14 years’ experience working in digital, leading projects for the BBC, IKEA, Specsavers, WaterAid, Channel 4, Esso, SEAT, HSBC and Mozilla, to name a few. She is a certified ScrumMaster, an international conference speaker, and is a member of the DPM Expert Panel on When she’s not talking about digital and agile (and creating numerous Google spreadsheets), she likes to fuel her obsessions with mountains and coffee.