The workshop workshop

The workshop workshop

Tom Bradley, Design Director at Code Computerlove

Workshops are expensive for companies to host, so they have to be effective in order to have value. When run badly this can have the opposite effect, eroding people’s faith that their ideas matter.

This workshop contains hands-on exercises that show you how to plan and run the most effective workshops by mapping the agenda to a robust creative process.

Tom has 1000s of hours of experience facilitating workshops, so he can share knowledge of how to get the best out of the time that people have to work together.

About Tom

Tom is Design Director at Code Computerlove, having spent 4 years previously working as a Creative Director and later Executive Product Manager for the BBC. In all of his roles, Tom has focussed on making digital experiences that work beautifully for the people that need them.

Tom has over 15 years’ experience running design-led projects, gaining a detailed understanding of the business goals and then working with multidisciplinary teams to deliver human-centred products that solve business problems.

He is interested in helping teams solve problems or try new things using design thinking, creative facilitation and user research and will share practical tips on how to deliver excellent design solutions that persuade people to interact with your product or service.