Banish the ballpark – how not to suck at estimation

Banish the ballpark – how not to suck at estimation

Suze Haworth - Global Senior Project Manager

Clients demand it, developers hate it, PMs struggle to deliver a project when it’s done badly. Yes it’s the elephant in the room at every project conception—estimation. Guesses are made, then projects end up missing deadlines, overburning and not delivering. So what is it about estimating that is so hard to do?

We’d all love to scrap it altogether, and say to clients ‘hey, wait until we know what we’re doing, then I’ll tell you how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take’ (ah the dream). But that’s not the real world. We have to constantly estimate in our roles as DPMs, and good estimation is an important skill to have.

In her talk, Suze will take you through the issues with ‘ballparking’, and lots of practical hints and tips for effective estimation of timings, budgets, effort and much more. She will guide you through the path to becoming a top estimator loved by clients and team alike, and help you to deliver estimations that deliver successful projects.


Suze Haworth is a Global Senior Project Manager at Tribal Worldwide in London. She has over ten years’ experience working in agencies, moving through the ranks from her early days in account management before seeing the light, and realising her true calling for project management. She now leads teams on all sorts of digital and web builds, ranging from social campaigns, CRM and digital media to large and complex websites.

Suze has managed projects for clients like the BBC, WaterAid, Channel 4, Esso, Lipton Tea and Mozilla, to name just a few. She is a certified ScrumMaster, a regular conference speaker on project delivery topics and can also be found posting blogs online. When she’s not managing and talking about digital things (and creating numerous Google spreadsheets), she likes to fuel her obsessions with mountains and coffee.