People are the most complex problem you’ll never solve

People are the most complex problem you’ll never solve

Sarah Clarke - Digital Project Manager

Resourcing for a growing agency is a big challenge. Things can change from minute to minute and everyone has different information they need access to, from project start dates to what they should be working on each day.

In this talk, Sarah will tell the story of the resourcing challenges faced at White October, and how they improved their resourcing processes to increase productivity and profitability whilst keeping smart people from getting bored.

You will hear about practical ideas and methods for handling resourcing day-to-day, and for predicting needs in the short to medium term future. Sarah will highlight the overriding importance of communication and visibility of what is happening, but also share why your resourcing will never ever be “done”.


Sarah is a Project Manager at White October in Oxford. She has over ten years’ experience working in an agency environment, beginning as a junior developer before realising she was much better organising devs and deadlines than at writing code.

Sarah has managed projects of all types and sizes for clients including EasyJet, Halfords, Marks & Spencer and the University of Oxford. When she’s not managing digital things, Sarah likes to play golf and ride her bike, and in the dim and distant past she played cricket for England.