From hearing “?£$!BLA*#&?Really7$è!” to “git push –fooooorce

From hearing “?£$!BLA*#&?Really7$è!” to “git push –fooooorce

Saniha Ozem - Digital Project Manager

“Once upon a time a non-techie PM decided to explore Digital Land and especially the Backend Dev region… where people speak and behave more strangely than what she was used to.

This was an unknown land with unknown risks, however the PM had a lot of motivation. So she decided to wear her favourite hiking shoes, take her largest backpack and climb that challenging hill.”

In this talk Saniha Ozem shares the experience of starting at a new agency and having to understand lots of new things/words/processes/languages/tools (so many tools)…she quickly noticed that being a Digital PM is also being a little bit of a psychologist and a little bit of a translator (and sometimes a mom). These traits were actually key for a specific tribe:the backend developers.

Saniha takes us through:
– Understanding this totally new techie vocabulary and skill sets
– Communicating and spread this techie vocabulary to clients
– Without going nuts
– Without miscommunications

It was hard but not impossible.


Saniha is a digital Project Manager at Antistatique, as swiss based digital agency and the founder of the Lausanne Guide Les Petits Guides de Saniha.

Writing, dancing, yoga, jumping in the lake in summer, taking “apéro” with friends and family, laughing out loud, talking too much, singing in the bathroom, achieving todos and walking in the swiss Alps with her dog Leelou are her preferred activities.

Her thoughts are dedicated to the refugees crisis, the animal cause, the education, consumerism, feminism and the protection of the environment.

Saniha streamlines production within the agency. With 8 years of experience, she ensures a smooth operational progress and team management. Her experience (in branding, product launches, events, media relations and social networks) enriches exchanges and creates value on projects. She is the client’s privileged point of contact by Antistatique.

She is a lawyer by education, a project manager by conviction and a digital worker by adoption.