Points make projects – Managing workload using project points

Points make projects – Managing workload using project points

Vicky Walsh - Senior Project Manager, CPL Online

Managing workload of a project manager is a tricky task and with that can be easily thrown a┬ácurveball with unexpected project issues or internal challenges. In my presentation I’ll be going through tips and tricks to identify in advance the scale of the project management required in any project and how to manage this alongside true capacity and the inevitable challenges that crop up.

About Vicky

I’m Vicky, Senior Project Manager at CPL Online! I’ve been working in agencies for about 10 years now, and it’s safe to say I’ve seen a few things in that time!

I’m definitely not a formal project manager. Having spent a few years as a designer and developer, I got spotted as a bit of a bossy boots and moved over to the darkside that is project management.

I’m a great believer in one minute management and always exploring new ways of working with both my team and clients.