Managing expectations of you

Managing expectations of you

Vicky Walsh, Senior Project Manager at Prodo Digital

As a PM, we’re not only dealing with managing expectations of our team, our managers, our clients, project stakeholders and pretty much the whole world and his dog – we also have a lot of expectations of ourselves too!

We build up expectations of perfection – the ultimate project delivery machine – but the reality is, it doesn’t work that way. With budgets, tight deadlines and 5000 clients to look after, there are many hurdles we have to go through – most lead to late nights burning the midnight oil because we HAVE to get that project plan out and that backlog in JIRA.

My talk doesn’t fix the problem, but hopes to give a few hints and tips to how to manage your own expectation, and the expectation of you to the rest of your team!

About Vicky

I’m Vicky – Senior Project Manager at Prodo Digital! I’ve been working in agencies for about 8-9 years now, and its safe to say I’ve seen a few things in that time!

I’m definitely not a formal project manager. Having spent a few years as a designer and developer, I got spotted as a bit of a bossy boots and moved over to the darkside that is project management.

I’ve been beyond lucky to work with some amazing clients as PM including Centrica, Red Bull, Dunelm, Visit Kent and Tate on some particularly exciting (and sometimes crazy!) projects.

I’m a great believer in one minute management and always exploring new ways of working with both my team and clients.