Saboteurs – do you have them? What can you do?

Saboteurs – do you have them? What can you do?

Liz Calder - Business Analyst

People behave very differently when faced with change. Some people embrace it with open arms, whilst others automatically reject it. Some of the hardest stakeholders to deal with are those that try to derail the change altogether and your project along with it! These people are commonly known as saboteurs. They draw attention away from the things that a project should be focussing on and can have a team fighting fires that they never expected to be lit in the first place.

Saboteurs can be anywhere in your organisation, in any role, and the impact on your project can be significant. Liz Calder will talk to you about differing ways people can behave when faced with change, her experiences of projects where the presence of saboteurs created unexpected challenges and the approaches she used to manage them.

The talk will cover:
– How can you tell you have a saboteur?
– Why do you have a saboteur?
– What can you do?


Liz Calder is a very experienced Business Analyst. Her clients are primarily in companies in the science, engineering and life-science sectors and her company, Blue Raccoon, works with both Agile and traditional projects, usually bringing significant business change to organisations. Regardless of the methodology chosen, a project succeeds or fails on the behaviours of the people involved and Liz specializes in coaching people through change.

Outside of work you will find Liz lifting heavy weights, listening to live music, or desperately trying to get something to grown on her allotment.