How to survive a ‘Hybrid’ project and live to tell the tale

How to survive a ‘Hybrid’ project and live to tell the tale

Sophie Brydon - Senior Project Manager, Orange Bus

In his ‘State of PM’ talk in 2017, Brett Harned polled the industry and found that 67% of PMs reported that they used a ‘Hybrid’ methodology-mix to deliver their projects.

‘Hybrid’ methodologies tend to occur when a supplier recommends Agile to be the best-placed delivery model for most digital products, but the client needs to know exactly what they’re getting for their money, and when. By trying to please everyone, we often end up with an unstructured delivery model that doesn’t support our teams, our PMs, our clients or our products. So how do we survive (and succeed!) with a Hybrid project?

In my talk, I will share my toolkit for delivering ‘Hybrid’ projects that deliver successful outcomes for everyone. I make use of classic and well-recognised project management tools in the framework of hybrid delivery, from communication and collaboration tools (kickoffs, stand-ups, demos, retros) to commercial boundaries and control functions (RAID logs, SoW’s/PIDs) and research across each stage. By reframing these tools against ‘Hybrid’ delivery, we can enable them to steer projects of all shapes and sizes towards success.

About Sophie
I’m Sophie and I’m a Senior Project Manager from Newcastle-based agency Orange Bus. I’ve been a PM for almost 7 years, working on a variety of projects and programmes. I’m very passionate about processes and how we improve our working practices and environments in order to succeed. In my spare time, you will find me on my sofa watching football with my rescue cat Thunderous Bandit.