How the Telegraph is reaching outcomes important to customers

How the Telegraph is reaching outcomes important to customers

Mark Channon - Lead Product Manager for Apps, Telegraph

In this talk, Mark Channon shares how the Telegraph app team decided what products to build for its customers and how they went from launch to scale.

The Telegraph app product team used a variety of data sources – surveys, qualitative website data, current app data and market data – to determine that creating an app would be the right approach to serve their customers. Testing this hypothesis was an iterative process, from diary studies and focus groups to problem interviews and solution testing, right up to build. This ensured the team was solving key problems and reaching outcomes that were important to customers.

Mark will share how the Telegraph decides what products to build and how the Telegraph product team worked with Outcome Driven Innovation techniques to put customers outcomes at the heart of all decision making. From inception through to launch, taking a Lean approach and working with an agile UX/Design and Development team, this case study includes the practices used to prioritise on what is iterated on next, in order to scale the Telegraph app audience.


Mark has a passion for human behaviour, one of the reasons why he relishes delivering engaging customer experiences. He is Lead Product Manager for Apps at the Telegraph having shipped two of The Telegraph’s flagship apps and helped shaped the strategy for what’s to come. Previously he has Lead Product Roles at both Skype and the BBC.

Mark’s background is fairly diverse having been a professional actor for the early part of his career, created a game show called Monkhouses Memory Masters for the BBC in the 90s, authored 3 books on memory improvement by Hodder Education and has the infamous title of being one of the first Grand Masters of Memory in the World.