Creating Cultures of Empathy

Creating Cultures of Empathy

Sharon Steed - Empathy Expert and Principal, Communilogue LLC

The most successful endeavors all follow the same general trajectory: a decent idea executed flawlessly by a cohesive team of hard workers. No matter the project, everything can be achieved following this general guideline. But the exact thing that can create global companies, solve impossible problems, and bring ideas to life is also the same reason why so many companies fail. That thing is us. People. But when we’re at our best, there isn’t anything we can’t do. So how do we optimize collaboration? How do we work better together even if we don’t see eye to eye with everyone on our teams? And how do we create a culture of empathy when all we can see about everyone around us is our differences?

Sharon Steed explores empathy in an unusual way: from the perspective of a stutterer. Sharon explains what empathy is (and what it isn’t) and gives you the tools you need to create a culture of empathy on your team.

About Sharon

Sharon Steed is an international keynote speaker and the founder of Communilogue, an empathy consultancy. Sharon helps audiences revolutionize the way they think about work by teaching them principles of empathy. She’s spoken at over 75 events in 14 countries spanning four continents on communicating with empathy. She’s facilitated conversations at companies on empathy at work and improving team communication; at conferences on vulnerability as an asset and empathy in action; and has given a TEDx talk on empowering insecurities. A lifelong stutterer, she uses her speech impediment to teach both what empathy is and how to be empathetic. Sharon’s course LinkedIn Learning course Communicating With Empathy has close to 330,000 views, and her O’Reilly Media live online training Empathy at Work runs continuously throughout the year.