Agile inception techniques: a job well begun, is a job half done.

Agile inception techniques: a job well begun, is a job half done.

Kevin Murray - Delivery Director, Valtech

During this workshop we will look at the aims of the inception phase and explore the tool kit of agile inception techniques that enable you to start your project or service successfully.

We will take a real world problem that is meaningful to all attendees and use the following techniques as a real inception

– Describing the objectives of inception and inception outcomes
– Setting the vision
– Competing constraints through sliders
– Stakeholder mapping and communication plan
– Assumption mapping and hypotheses prioritisation
– Traceability of user needs to business goals through impact mapping.

As well as using the techniques first hand, you will also learn the important facilitation skills to successfully manage the inception.


Kev is a Delivery Director at Valtech with over 20 years experience in the industry. Especially passionate about Agile in the Public Sector, Kev has managed successful digital transformations of the Government Digital Service (GDS) exemplars, including the phenomenally successful Carer’s Allowance Digital Service. Kev has also helped in shaping Valtech’s approaches to integrating our proven software engineering and agile delivery capabilities with increasing user centricity, user informed development and creative practices such as LeanUX and LeanCreative.