Aim wide, not just high

Aim wide, not just high

Hayley Hinsley, Project Manager at Venntro Media Group Ltd

As a Project Manager, your job is to get projects done efficiently, to a high standard and within any necessary time constraints. It’s healthy and vital to your job role that you know a lot about many different areas across your company which requires a genuine interest in your work. By having the knowledge and empathy to know even a small part of everybody else’s job it both benefits and adds value to yourself, your projects, your team and your company.

During my talk, I will be covering why and how as a Project Manager you should be aiming wide as well as high when it comes to your skills, knowledge and experience.

About Hayley

I am a qualified PRINCE2 accredited Digital Project Manager working in the dating industry with a genuine passion for project management, software delivery and Lord of the Rings. Outside of my day job, I can usually be found either at the gym, eating or reading and taking Buzzfeed quizzes to find out what type of cheese I am.

I started out as a Systems Analyst and Tester, before moving onto Software Delivery Management and then Project Management. An opportunity to try out a different direction as a ScrumMaster became available which I spent a few years growing into and putting my love of spreadsheets to good use. I then moved back into Project Management and enjoy writing Medium articles about my project management experience: