Deliver Conference

Deliver Conference

A conference for people who strive to lead, inspire and deliver value with their teams.

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Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Waterfall…regardless of methodology or preferences, delivering great projects is the goal. DeliverConf covers this broad topic, in practical, relevant and interesting ways.

Wondering whether it’s for you? Well ‘project manager’ or ‘delivery-something’ or ‘Scrum Master’ might not be your title, however the skills and techniques to manage projects, people, relationships and budgets are still crucial to successful project delivery.

Join us at DeliverConf in January 2018 for our 5th year to meet, connect with and learn from peers across the industry. Our speakers will talk on diverse topics but all of them will offer insight on how you can deliver value to clients and customers. We promise two days of workshops, talks, case studies and discussion that will offer refreshing perspectives and useful advice.

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Our workshops are multi-track this year! We have two tracks, each with a morning and afternoon session. Registration is open from 9.00am until 9.30am, you will be asked to choose your sessions on the day of the event and not before. Early arrival is advised if you want a choice.